Consuming pre-configured Portlets in WebCenter Portal
Oracle WebCenter Portal: Framework enables you to consume a portlet by registering its producer with an application. Your application can consume portlets [...]
Oracle Webcenter Portal Cheat Sheet for Portal Builder – Part 1
In this cheat sheet for Portal Builder Administration pages of WebCenter Portal, you can find the pretty URL or direct URL along with short [...]
XML Notes – Part 3 – JAX-P – DOM Parser
DOM Parser : Object based Parsing ============================== DOM stands for Document Object Model is a hierarchical processing model, where it loads [...]
XML Notes – Part 2 – JAX-P – SAX Parser
SAX Parser =========== Simple API for XML (SAX) Parsing is a methodology that allows reading XML documents in an event based processing model. SAX parser [...]
XML Notes – Part 1 – JAX-P
JAX-P stands for Java API for XML Processing. JAX-P provides the capability of validating and parsing XML documents. JAXP is a lightweight API to process [...]
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