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06/04/2015 - Documentation

The documentation review checklist provides you an opportunity to review the documents, before you post them online. The documentation review checklist consists of the following components:

Editorial Review checklist

One of the most important checklist in the documentation review cycle is the editorial checklist. Each and every document you post online represents your organization, so you need to be extremely careful in providing technically accurate and grammatically correct content. The editorial checklist consists of the following points:

Technical Review Checklist

The technical review is generally done by the subject matter experts, in this review the reviewer looks at the technically accuracy of the content and provides his/her feedback. Every document should go through a technical review, technical review checklist contains the following checks:

Production Review checklist

The production checklist contains information which is related to the document structure and format. Some of the mandatory production checks are listed here:


Documentation review is a very lengthy process, to make it a success, you need to break it into chunks and carry out the review in a phased manner. A best practice for reviewing the documents is to conduct a review meeting in the presence of all stake holders, this way you can address all the comments in one session and fix them easily.

On a finishing note, your document represents your company and any incorrect information might affect your company in a big way, so please ensure that the information you provide is technically accurate.

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