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Java 9 sneak peek!
An overview of what is coming up in Java 9!
Documentation Review Checklists
The documentation review checklist provides you an opportunity to review the documents, before you post them online. The documentation review checklist [...]
Consuming pre-configured Portlets in WebCenter Portal
Oracle WebCenter Portal: Framework enables you to consume a portlet by registering its producer with an application. Your application can consume portlets [...]
Oracle Webcenter Portal Cheat Sheet for Portal Builder – Part 1
In this cheat sheet for Portal Builder Administration pages of WebCenter Portal, you can find the pretty URL or direct URL along with short [...]
A Day in the life of a Technical Writer
A day in the life of a Technical Writer Before I go ahead and explain a typical day in the life of a Technical Writer, let me give the definition of a [...]
DevOps, the hero of IT world
Have you ever stepped back and seen the filthy problems that engulf any software product deployed on production? Some of these problems cannot be solved [...]
XML Notes – Part 3 – JAX-P – DOM Parser
DOM Parser : Object based Parsing ============================== DOM stands for Document Object Model is a hierarchical processing model, where it loads [...]
the Cloud invasion … !!
Everything around us in today’s world is powered by Рspeed and accuracy, depth and breadth of information, fast growing customer base connected by [...]
XML Notes – Part 2 – JAX-P – SAX Parser
SAX Parser =========== Simple API for XML (SAX) Parsing is a methodology that allows reading XML documents in an event based processing model. SAX parser [...]
XML Notes – Part 1 – JAX-P
JAX-P stands for Java API for XML Processing. JAX-P provides the capability of validating and parsing XML documents. JAXP is a lightweight API to process [...]